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Through its work placement policy, BNP Paribas Personal Finance commits for youth employment.

The company welcomes each year more than 200 student-workers from 2 to 5 years after graduation and for all types of positions. 

The recruitment processes are varied: dedicated days, speed recruiting, escape games or more traditional approaches through our careers website… Whatever your profile may be, you can be a part of our teams!

Let’s meet these young student-workers with entirely different profiles and with whom we write beautiful stories.

Camille Taquet, 25

I study at the Institute for Numeric Creation and Animation (ICAN) in Paris. I am an alternating student-worker and I spend a week at school, then two weeks in the company. That is a rhythm that suits me perfectly. At BNP Paribas Personal Finance, I work within the the Brand, Communication and Advertising service as a Graphic and Audiovisual communication manager.

I have learnt that the company is extremely oriented towards digital and new technologies: those are subjects I am particularly interested in and are at the heart of my studies. I work within very dynamic and supportive teams. I must confess that I currently live of my most beautiful experience inside a company: everything is clearly defined, we know where we are headed and I really feel useful.

Serge AKAEREN, 30

I am an Innovative Communication Manager for L’Échangeur, the innovation center dedicated to retail of BNP Paribas Personal Finance. I study in a work-placement program at My Digital School which is located in Paris. I spend three weeks inside the company and one at the school : a perfect rhythm to be working efficiently in the company. L’Échangeur offers working on very original themes like start-ups or retail innovation, subjects I have been fond of for a very long time. After spending four years in the world of start-ups, I wanted to discover the realm of big companies. I really fell in love with the task diversity and the themes we work on.

Marie JAN, 22

I am a NPS & Customer Advocacy Assisting Project Manager within the Commercial and Marketing Board. I am a Master 2-level student in Strategic and Operational Marketing at the Management Institute in Rennes (IGR-IAE) and my rate of alternation is of three weeks in the company and a week at school. It allows me to keep on with BNP Paribas Personal Finance projects and to manage the distance with my school.

I joined the DCM teams in March 2018 in the frame of a year off internship. After a semester abroad, I wanted to work in a global environment. My internship completed, I was hired as a student-worker and I’m now in charge of marketing, communication and events tasks relative to the countries where BNP Paribas Personal Finance is implanted. My work environment totally matches my expectations. My duties allow me to work within an international context and on a transversal project where I can connect with other services of the company.

Diane Belkebir, 22

I am in charge of the CSR and of the Cetelem Foundation within the Institutional Relations service. I study at the ESCD 3A school in La Défense, which is specialised in Social Economics and humanitarian aid. My rate of alternation is of three days in the company and two days at school. That is a pretty intense rhythm but it allows me not to lose track of what I am working on for a too long period of time.

If I have chosen BNP Paribas Personal Finance, it’s because CSR is a very specific field and I was looking for a company with the means to develop interesting projects that go beyond what’s legally requested. After a couple research, BNP Paribas Personal Finance was among the most committed companies and that’s what seduced me. Moreover, the work environment is very pleasant, there are many other student-workers, which allows to bond quickly. The tasks are also very interesting and enable me to gather a true professional experience.

Victor NIVET, 23

I am in charge of the Public Affairs within the Institutional Relations service and also student at ISMPP (Superior Institute for Public and Political Management). My alternation rate is of a week at school for three weeks in the company. BNP Paribas Personal Finance is the business leader and this predominance on both the french and international markets as well as its definitely digital strategy  are what seduced me.

The working environment, meaning the facilities and the mindset of the different teams, are a big asset, offering flexibility and diversity.

The integration in the company, the training courses and the numerous events are as many elements that allow us to easily invest ourselves in our framework.


I’m Assisting Communication and Events Manager within the Marketing & Sales service of AFS (Automotive Financial Services). I have come a long way because I study at the Montpellier Business School. I have a rhythm of three weeks in the company followed by a week at school. This allows me to fully focus on school during my class week and fully on my projects during the time spent in the company. The only drawback is that it is vital to well organise when you leave the company, so that you do no leave any emergency aside.

Having always worked in small structures, I wanted to gain experience within a big organisation. The tasks linked to the job were interesting so I applied, and I am not disappointed : the atmosphere is laid-back, the teams dynamic, the facility very nice, and so are the tasks. I love working at BNP Paribas Personal Finance because everything is set in place so that we learn and are duly trained for a job. Since I arrived, I have had access to a great deal of training courses. The other co-workers pay attention to our professional absorption and help us find our marks as quick as possible.

Mélanie DECHAVANNE, 23

I am in charge of International HR Projects and Recruitments within the Human Ressources service. I study at the ESSEC business school (Superior School of Economics and Commercial Science), located both in Cergy and Singapore.  My alternation rhythm is of three days in the company and then two days at school. But during the school holiday, I work full-time in the company. This rhythm allows me to fully blend in the business life and to carry through mid and long-term projects. That is what I was looking for for this 2-year sandwich course. The interview with Guillaume, my manager, has been decisive. Back then, I was in Singapore and he’s challenged me in several ways even before I got into the company and proved himself to always be available to answer all my questions. This was to me a really strong managerial stance that made a difference with the other companies I had applied to. I did not expect that in such a big organisation the people I would meet would be as warm and welcoming. There is also a really good atmosphere with the other student-workers, which fosters cross-service communication.

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