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“Being a good person was not enough for me, I wanted to help those who needed it the most”

Chiara Cavalli, Area Manager at Findomestic, tells us about her strong commitment to help disadvantaged populations in Haïti and Calcutta.

Discover her poignant double life.

My name is Chiara Cavalli and I have been working at Findomestic since 2001.


During those 20 years, I was able to hold a wide variety of positions. For 3 years now, I am the South Area Manager, a sector that includes Sicily and Calabria.


As Sales Manager, I strive to achieve the qualitative and quantitative objectives of the subsidiaries where we welcome our customers every day.

It all started ten years ago, after surviving death, I decided that I wanted to give a deeper meaning to my life.


Since then, I have been volunteering at Mother Teresa’s house, in places considered to be the poorest and most marginalized in the world: Haïti and Calcutta. Children and adults in poor health are welcomed and cared for.


Being a good person was not enough for me anymore, I wanted to help those who needed it the most.


On the ground, we make the most of the scarce resources available. We help the hosts of the houses to maximize their potential. We work in teams: everyone’s contribution is precious, without any distinction of sex, age, origin.

I also experience these values and approaches daily in my work: optimizing resources, working as a team, solving problems, including and developing the talents of my employees.

I am often admired by my colleagues. When someone tells me that he’s himself engaged in volunteer activities, he specifies “of lesser importance”, comparing himself to mine.

I always repeat that what makes the difference in volunteering is not the distance between you and the people you help, but the passion and love you put into your actions.

This year, the pandemic did not allow me to join Haïti or India. I took advantage of this time to undertake a “new” journey. A bit different…


I joined the Bologna Business School to obtain a Master’s degree in “Sustainability and Business Innovation”.


I am excited to study such an important topic for the future of businesses and new generations. Being in contact with comrades of age, of geographical origin, of diversified professional paths enriches me.

Yes… my days are absolutely full! But each new challenge does not deprive me of energy, on the contrary, it gives me even more, gratifies me and makes me feel alive.

Chiara Cavalli

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