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Our Manifesto in Action “We would like to guide our customers towards a more sustainable consumption. Acting against the climate change and protecting the environment are at the heart of our strategy.”

A few groceries at the supermarket on Monday, shopping at the mall on Wednesday, filling your car’s gas tank on Sunday… On the counter: Your expenses. Figures that are entered almost instantly on your banking application. But have you ever wondered what they represent in terms of environmental impact? More precisely known under the name of ecological (or environmental) footprint, this calculation method makes it possible to measure the impact of humans on their environment. Not easy to estimate your own consumption on a daily basis!

In Italy, Findomestic Banca is joining forces with the Swedish company Doconomy to create a 2 in 1 application: on the one hand, the customer can check his/her bank accounts, and on the other, can discover his/her carbon footprint in real time thanks to the CarbonFootPrint features.

More than numbers, more than an app, Findomestic and Doconomy work day after day, hand in hand, to guide customers towards more responsible consumption habits and a more responsible lifestyle.

Read the full story of this great initiative through an interview with Gilles Zeitoun, CEO of Findomestic Banca, and Alessandro Promutico, Chief Innovation & Transformation Officer, with Mathias Wikström, CEO of Doconomy.

Visit the website of Findomestic Banca • VIsit the website of Doconomy

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