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“I am proud to be one of the women who are changing the male image of Tech trades”

In 2020, in the midst of the health crisis, Mira OUSSAIDENE joined BNP Paribas Personal Finance’s teams, and more particularly the Digital Lab, as a Web Developer co-op student, as part of its Master CTO & Tech Lead.

The young woman has always had an appetite for computing and digital, so she decided to make it her career!

Through the PF au Féminin association, Mira discovered BNP Paribas Personal Finance. This internal company structure aims to promote gender diversity and parity within the Group. This committed dimension seduced her, and being in line with her values, made her want to apply.

Indeed, women are poorly represented in the technical trades, as Mira points out, in her promotion, there are 4 women for 16 men.

“It is a cultural problem, we grow up with this belief that technical trades are reserved for men, but it is an idea that is gradually being deconstructed. I think that women have their place in the Tech, we have a different vision to bring and I am proud to be one of those women who are changing the profession.” – Mira

A vision shared by Waby EL ACHAOUI, Lead Developer at the Digital Lab and also Mira’s apprenticeship tutor, who immediately detected her potential, creativity, originality and added value for the company.

"Since joining BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Mira’s evolution has been very positive, in addition to taking many topics, she has been able to take initiatives and implement sustainable solutions. Mira brings many qualities to the company, a fresh look and dynamism. I think it’s a real chance to have women in those positions.” – Waby

For the future, the young woman of course wants to be graduate, and pursue her career as a Web Developer, and why not within BNP Paribas Personal Finance! At least, that’s all her manager Waby, wishes for her.

Discover the "C mon Projet Auto" platform and concept in which Mira participated!

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