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New episode of the podcast On The Way – La Tournée: Bring deposits up to date

In France today, despite the circuits set up, 70% of plastic is not recycled. It is an alarming fact that pushes us to find alternatives to plastic for packaging. This is precisely what Camille Perbost, co- founder of La Tournée, wanted to achieve by launching his start-up, which capitalizes on deposits.

La Tournée, an online zero waste supermarket

After attending an engineering school where he studied data science, he found his way into entrepreneurship. The real turning point came when he spent three months with a host family in Germany, the land of deposits par excellence. Camille began to become aware of the worrying amount of waste in our garbage, and more particularly plastic waste, and he felt the urgency to act. In 2021, he co-founded La Tournée, an online zero waste supermarket. The concept is very simple: you can do your shopping and order your everyday products on the site. All the products are packaged in returnable containers and delivered to your home by electric vehicle. On the next delivery, the delivery person collects your empty containers, so they can be reused. It’s a return to the old-fashioned approach of the milk deliveryman dropping off his glass bottles and handing over the empty ones the next visit.

Did you know?

On average, a French person generates 582 kilos of waste per year. And when we look at the contents of our garbage, we notice that plastic is one of the main components. 300 million is the number of tons of plastic waste produced each year in the world. Hardly recyclable, 90% of this plastic waste ends up incinerated, in landfills or in the ocean, with disastrous impacts on biodiversity.

La Tournée is the solution for more sustainable consumption, limiting waste and environmental impact. Today, La Tournée has more than 6,000 loyal customers and offers more than 400 products, many from local producers, for deliveries around their 2 storage warehouses throughout the eastern and western suburbs of Paris. We are therefore in an approach that favours the short distribution channels. La Tournée aims to e xpand throughout France and make the system of returnable packaging system widely available!

To learn more about Camille’s experience, his career and the challenges he faces in the development of La Tournée, listen to this episode of On The Way!

Camille refers to 2 Instagram accounts to follow:

  • M.Mme.Recyclage
  • Ecolo_mon_cul

And two books:

  • Recyclage le grand enfumage de Flore Berlingen
  • Plastique le grand emballement de Nathalie Gontard
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