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Discover the new and very “good vibes” Findomestic media campaign!

The new Findomestic media campaign has been on air since Saturday, September 10th.

After an epochal change in the economic and social context, the new Findomestic media campaign, defined as a “positive and good vibration booster”, was born from the synergistic work between three teams in Findomestic: Media Engagement & Communication, Marketing & Product Development and the B2C department.

What’s new really in this campaign? The new campaign tells how Findomestic is increasingly becoming a budget companion, a trusted and day-by-day travel companion for our customers, always by their side with a range of products designed for their every need. In this new way of presenting itself to the audience in a lighter, funnier, more positive mode, Findomestic reinforces its ambition of supporting customers in budget management both for their daily needs and for large projects, facilitating access to financial services.

Your world look at it with Findomestic

This is the claim chosen for the new campaign which with “your world” gives a nod to the world of services and products available to always face with the support of our brand alongside the customer. An important, declared and distinctive commitment in the market.

Our flexible products, customer focus, clarity, transparency and inclusion as well as sustainability are the core values of the campaign and are an integral part of our Purpose at Personal Finance.

“When you have Findomestic, it shows! (you are smiling)”

When we feel carefree and calm we can’t hide it. We smile, we hum, we relax, just like the protagonists of the commercials of the new campaign, characterized by a visual identity that embraces with a new language, a smile that welcomes our customers into our world.

The multi-channel campaign will be on TV, radio, digital video, social media, the web and obviously the corporate website will be aligned with the new campaign.

Let’s discover the 2 advertising spots!

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