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Catherine Muller – Doctor of Psychology (English Version) – Understand the brain mechanisms related to change

04 January 2023
24min 32s

Being aware of the urgent need to act to preserve the planet’s resources, identify concrete solutions to follow and know the actions to adopt for more sustainable consumption are key elements in embarking on a more responsible approach. But often, this is not enough to take action … or overcome discouragement!

Why ? and how to ?

For this 6th episode of our On the Way podcast, the Doctor of Psychology and member of the World Council of Psychotherapy, Catherine Muller provides us with valuable insights to understand how the human brain works, especially in the face of change. She explains its subtleties and the reward mechanisms that push us to act!

Goodbye demotivation! No more excuses!
You will come out changed from this listening, ready to put in place the little reflexes that will allow you to finally change the way you consume! More sustainably of course!

Very good listening!

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