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Mathias Wikström – Doconomy (English Version) : Enabling everyone to understand the carbon impact of their consumption to change their habits

06 February 2023
21min 55s

“More and more understand that we need to step up to this challenge together and more and more change their behavior to have a less impactful lifestyle. I’m hoping that one day be able to say: “We did everything we could, we did it together and we were successful!” But we need to startvacting and we need to start acting now. We can either sit around and discuss and say one day or we can decide that this is day one!”  Mathias Wikström


With global warming at +1.5°C, between 9% and 14% of species are impacted while 30% of global CO2 emissions are absorbed by the oceans.*

Keeping climate change below 1.5°C is therefore no longer an objective but a limit not to be exceeded and Doconomy has understood this.


In this episode, we welcome Mathias Wikström, co-founder and CEO of the impact-tech company Doconomy, created in 2018. He explains the path of his awareness and growing interest in ecology. Its current approach aims to invest in a broad ecosystem of financial tools to fight climate change and drive positive change.

This Swedish start-up, which has become a partner of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, has developed an app that allows us to calculate in real time the carbon emitted by our purchases. A concrete way for everyone to act directly to reduce the impacts of their own consumption on the environment.


Together, we can make structural changes by overhauling the financial system. We sincerely believe that awareness of the impact of our consumption can lay the foundation for a new way of thinking.


Very good listening!


Click here to visit Doconomy’s website, and here to access the Lifestyle Impact Calculator and try it.


You can read the article published on BNP Paribas Personal Finance about Doconomy and Findomestic here.


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