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Hortense Pruvost – Vestiaire Collective (English Version): a stylish and durable wardrobe

11 January 2023
21min 07s

As we discussed in the episode with Thibault Satto  of The Good Goods, every year, 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases are emitted worldwide, or nearly 10% of total industrial emissions*. It is therefore essential to act. An action that goes through the fight against fast fashion, this ephemeral fashion, advocated by major international brands whose business model is based on the rapid renewal of collections of cheap and poor quality clothing. This fast fashion therefore leads to overconsumption of clothing that quickly end up in the trash.


Aware of these challenges, how can we encourage consumers to buy more sustainably and move away from fast fashion, in a society rocked by overconsumption?


Vestiaire Collective , as a major and responsible player in the second-hand market, has taken this issue to heart, and this is what Hortense Pruvost, Head of Impact at Vestiaire Collective, explains to our microphone.


Launched in 2009 by Sophie Hersan and Fanny Moizant, Vestiaire Collective has pre-empted and won in a sector then little developed: that of the occasion. With its 100% circular model, the platform for resale of high-end products, now present in 80 countries, has the mission to transform the fashion industry, by converting a maximum number of users at the second hand. Indeed, thanks to Vestiaire Collective, the customer has access to quality clothing products through the platform, which initial prices would not necessarily have been within his reach. Icing on the cake, these products are also mostly sent from the buyer’s region.


And the result is obvious: clothing sold on Vestiaire Collective has an environmental cost 10 times lower than that of new clothing. In fact, by buying on the platform, the users reduce their consumption at first hand and turn to more qualitative products, whose lifespan they extend.


Through this episode of On the Way, Hortense tells us about the genesis of Vestiaire Collective, its values, and explains the teams’ approach to propose a responsible purchasing process to all types of consumers, while developing the pillars of Trust, Community, Circularity and Impact at the service of Fashion.


Very good listening!



*as reported by WWF, the World Conservation Organization.

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