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Jean-Claude Leseigneur – Mobilize – Renault Group (English Version) : The new mobility

28 December 2022
29min 55s

Moving is the nature of man. Historically, he has used various means of transport to ensure his mobility. The 20th century with the combustion engine and the use of fossil fuels, marked the peak of the individual car. The latter has played a key role in advances in the service of living comfort.


In the 21st century, the automotive industry now faces three major challenges. First, there is the gap between use and cost since cars sit idle 90% of the time. Next comes the residual value because the value of the cars drops by 50% after 3 years of use. Finally, we must take into account the environmental impact, an important aspect and not the least important when we know that the automotive industry generates 15% of CO2 emissions in Europe.

So offering solutions to solve these problems and invent a better future for mobility are the main drivers behind the creation of the Mobilize brand.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Jean-Claude Leseigneur, Smart City Director at Mobilize, who enlightens us on new forms of mobility. Mobility based on a more responsible and sustainable approach.

In this innovative vision, the electric vehicle is central and combines with other means of transport. A new paradigm is needed. We move from the model of ownership to that of use. Car-sharing within the city, a district or a condominium is a good illustration of the options offered by Mobilize Beyond Automotive to reduce the number of cars in circulation, while optimizing their use.


In this 11th episode, you will discover with Jean-Claude the new challenges of the city of tomorrow in terms of mobility and the good reflexes to adopt to move sustainably.

Very good listening!

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