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The Cetelem foundation

Our Promise

solidarity and sharing
Drive the dynamics of solidarity and sharing through digital
General Interest
Support organizations of general interest, actors of digital inclusion in France
Digital Divide
Contribute to the fight against the digital divide and the exclusions it generates

Why inclusion through digital sharing?

Because 13 million French people report having difficulties in accessing digital and/or using digital tools according to the Mission Société Numérique.

Inequalities in access to and use of digital technologies are growing, especially among the most vulnerable. Access to social rights, public services, employment and education is thus compromised for many French people.

The Cetelem Foundation in 5 main dates

Creation of the Cetelem Foundation
First evolution of the Cetelem Foundation’s purpose
Second evolution of the purpose of the Cetelem Foundation
Modification of the object but also of the title of the Foundation
Last modification of the title and purpose of the Cetelem Foundation
  • 1992: Creation of the Cetelem Foundation, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, with the positioning «Cetelem Foundation educate to undertake». The Foundation supports the development of teaching and research in particular on any project relating to the individual, the family in society and in the field of economic, social and legal sciences.

  • 2001: First evolution of the Cetelem Foundation’s purpose «to participate in the development and promotion of teaching and research both in France and abroad, on any project relating to the individual, the family and society».

  • 2005: Second evolution of the purpose of the Cetelem Foundation «the support of projects initiated and carried out by students, presented by associations working mainly in the fields of solidarity».

  • 2010: Modification of the object but also of the title of the Foundation «Cetelem Foundation for Budgetary Education» aimed at supporting the budgetary/economic education of individuals and more specifically of young people with the objective of preventing financial difficulties, potential sources of exclusion.»

  • 2018: Last modification of the title and purpose of the Cetelem Foundation for Inclusion through Digital Sharing

The 3 main areas of intervention of the Cetelem Foundation

The Cetelem Foundation is part of a process of financial sponsorship, skills sponsorship and in-kind sponsorship. Its focus areas are: digital access (tools), the transmission of digital skills (uses) and digital sharing (a culture of digital solidarity), aligned with BNP Paribas Personal Finance’s engagement strategy.

The societal challenge requires companies and States to build together the world of today and tomorrow. Through the Cetelem Foundation, at the heart of our company’s citizen engagement strategy, we strive to support inclusion through digital sharing.

With digital, everything has accelerated and our uses have changed considerably. Our belief is that no one should be left on the sidelines. Acting in the face of the major challenge of the fight against illictronism, by supporting associative partners carrying projects of general interest is the ambition of our Foundation.

Serge Le Bolès
Cetelem Fondation’s President

3 concrete examples of engagement

Social inclusion

Digital access for those
who are now excluded.


The association Sciences Technologie Société is carrying out the «Numérik Mobile» project and is proposing to promote digital mediation for the general public by means of a three-wheeler travelling on the forecourt of town halls, shopping centres and in the heart of neighbourhoods.


Their actions make it possible to reach out to residents and support them in the online process, to make them discover the uses of digital tools and to initiate debates on the issues of digital.


The scooter travels to Paris in the 20th and 13th districts and has allowed many inhabitants to be directed to one of the Houses of Digital Mediation for training.

Profesional inclusion

The transmission of digital skills to master their uses and prepare for the jobs of tomorrow


Through its “Connected Neighbours” project, the association proposes to go and meet the inhabitants of working-class neighbourhoods in order to break the isolation and create a dynamic by reconnecting them to digital services and thus strengthen their power to act.


In partnership with Emmaus Connect, which gives equipment such as electronic tablets, it is developing a door-to-door campaign for residents to promote training and digital tools (caf, pole-emploi, etc.) and address rights that concern them but that they do not use due to lack of information or sense of lawlessness. Since its launch in 2011, the project has reached 250,000 people and has hired 300 people away from work to carry out door-to-door construction.


Sharing digital technology to make it a lever of solidarity at the service of equal opportunities


The association acts for the home schooling of children with serious pathologies or disability, from the 9th grade to the 13th.


With its project «Classe Virtuelles», it develops teaching content in the form of distance courses in order to recreate the social link with isolated students and prepare them for the exams (Brevet, Baccalauréat).


The courses are taught by teachers of national education and the association equips children of the most modest families with a computer and webcam.


Since the launch of the project, the success rate for accompanied students has reached 100%.

The impact of the Cetelem Foundation in 2021


Cetelem Foundation team


employees mobilized for project appraisal


associations supported



Governance and functioning of the Cetelem Foundation

The Executive Committee of the Cetelem Foundation

The Cetelem Foundation has an executive committee composed of 9 directors including 5 company representatives and 4 qualified persons appointed for a 3-year term, renewable once. Meeting at least twice a year, this committee defines the guidelines and validates the projects supported by the Cetelem Foundation.

Composition of the Executive Committee of the Cetelem Foundation in 2022

Founder’s representatives

  • Serge Le Bolès : President of the Cetelem Foundation
  • Philippe Assedo : General Delegate of the Cetelem Foundation
  • Isabelle Guittard-Losay : Director of Institutional Relations BNP Paribas Personal Finance and Engagement France
  • Isabelle Wolff : BNP Paribas Personal Finance Brand, Communications and Prospective Director
  • Perrine Tess : BNP Paribas Foundation Project Manager

External members

  • Mariale Errieau : Head of new and solidarity economies service, Departmental Council of the Seine Saint Denis
  • Amid Limani : Director of the Bobigny IUT of the University of Paris XIII
  • Charlotte Limousin : Entrepreneur Founder THARGO
  • Anne Sophie Le Bras : Director of the Google France Digital Workshop

Additional members

  • Carole Destruhaut : General Secretary of the Cetelem Foundation
  • Servane Delahaye : Representative of the Fondation de France

The pre-selection committee

Set up in 2021, made up of committed BNP Paribas Personal Finance staff in France, this committee reviews all eligible projects from associations and selects those most in line with the purpose of the Cetelem Foundation. The pre-selection of projects established by this committee will be presented to the Executive Committee, which is responsible for the final validation of projects as well as the granting of grants.

Participating in this pre-selection committee is an engaging and rewarding experience; I am always impressed by the wealth and diversity of associative projects around digital inclusion; voting is not always easy!

Testimony of a committed collaborator, Sandrine GORRIQUER, Project Manager – Business Coordination

We support them

Agir abcd association

Mission: to combat all forms of exclusion and facilitate integration into society
Project funded: From pen to mouse: training and creation of digital content

Agence des nouvelles solidarités actives

Mission: to deploy innovation alongside the State, local authorities, public institutions, companies,…
Project funded: Consolidation of the “Pilotebudget” SOS Famille/Emmaus app project and support of the digital platform for access to fundamental rights

Les apprentis d’Auteuil association

Mission: To accompany young people in difficulty
Project funded: Digital College: Digital Education Project for Struggling Students

Sciences Technologie Société association

Mission: to promote scientific and technical advances to the general public
Project funded: Le Numérik Mobile: mediation numérique itinérante à destination du grand public

Bordeaux Mécènes solidaires

Mission: to support companies in the implementation of their sponsorship policy in Gironde
Project funded: facilitation of craft workshops

Break Poverty association

Mission: Eradicate poverty
Project funded: Equipment and School Support Program for Disadvantaged/Drop-out Youth

Culture prioritaire association

Mission: To promote the academic/ professional success of young people
Project funded: digital career guidance platform

Delta7 association

Mission: To solve medical, social or health problems
Project funded: equipping seniors with digital tablets and training in their use

L’Écloserie numérique association

Mission : Develop social inclusion and economic development using digital in rural areas

Réseau e2c France

Mission: To ensure the social and professional integration of young people who left the school system too early and without a diploma or qualification.
Project funded: e-Nova Platform, a community space geared towards youth employment and monitoring

Eloquentia association

Mission: Allow youth to express themselves freely and gain self-confidence through public speaking
Project funded: digital pathway to maintain the continuity of activity at a distance and to reach young people from rural areas throughout the country

Entourage association

Mission: Enabling everyone to take action to combat the isolation of homeless people
Project funded: an application to enable the sustainable inclusion of people in precarious situations

Faire association

Mission: To offer training and support for people in difficulty in their social and professional integration
Project funded: Training in the profession of digital mediator

Homeless+ association

Mission: Help the poorest while fighting against waste, create solidarity events
Project funded: Development of the V2 application to geolocate homeless people so that an association, a merchant or an individual can help them

Les entreprises pour la cité association

Mission : Promote social innovation
Project funded: Innov’Avenir : national program of numerical inclusion

Le rire médecin association

Mission: Maintain social connection to restore the power to play and laugh to sick children
Project funded: TheClowns in video: provision of the digital equipment necessary for the intervention of the Clowns with sick children

ICI association

Mission: Develop digital uses more than tools
Project funded: Tooling Pair@Pair: training of 260 RSA beneficiaries towards digital autonomy

Inser’ Eco93 association

Mission: Support the integration structures of the Seine-Saint-Denis
Project funded: Engineering and animation of the module remobilization by digital

Life CAR’e association

Mission: To help people in very precarious situations
Project financed: Purchase of refurbished digital equipment from Emmaus Connect

Permis de vivre la ville association

Mission: Oppose urban exclusion through creativity
Project funded: Colorization of the characters of the film LE PETIT VAMPIRE (Joann SFAR)

Positive planète association

Mission: Combating exclusion by creating positive businesses
Funded project: La Cocotte de Montreuil and La Cocotte de Saint-Quentin: creation of third-party spaces dedicated to entrepreneurship and the acquisition of digital skills in the QPV

Soliha association

Mission: To provide housing solutions adapted to the needs of people and territories, to promote access to and maintenance in the homes of disadvantaged people
Project funded: Workshops and aids for people in a digital divide

Sport dans la ville association

Mission: Support young people from priority neighbourhoods on the road to success through sport
Project financed: Equipping and digital training of vulnerable young people in Marseille as part of a return to employment support or training through sport

Transnuméric association

Mission: Facilitate people’s access to new digital uses
Project financed: Equipping young people in a situation of digital divide, from QPV or rural areas of Lot et Garonne with refurbished equipment

Voisin malin association

Mission: To strengthen the power to act of the inhabitants of working-class districts and to recreate the link between them
Project funded: Bridging the digital divide by equipping households with connected devices (in partnership with Emmaus Connect)

Votre école chez vous association

Mission: To provide severely ill/disabled young people with education that they cannot receive in collective institutions
Project financed: development of virtual classes for children with heavy pathologies

We tech care association

Mission: Accelerate digital inclusion in France and Belgium,
Project funded: Les Bons Clics: development of a platform and e-training to increase the skills of audiences with digital difficulties

La Plateforme association

Mission: Develop the economy and provide training and inclusion opportunities for the digital professions to a wide audience
Project funded: Installation of a free digital creation school for 12/18 year olds

Aurore association

Mission: to host and accompany people in precarious situations
Project financed: data centre training for young people out of school

Artis Multimédia association

Mission: support families in their social/ professional integration
Project funded: digital workshops for being and know-how, educational support

The eligibility of projects

The Cetelem Foundation mainly supports associations of general interest. The timing of project implementation varies. Some projects may benefit from multi-year support. The geographical location of the projects must be in France. Project leaders must display the will, capacity and/or experience necessary to implement projects related to inclusion through digital sharing.

Are you an association promoting digital inclusion? Tell us about your project!