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The project to protect our clients from domestic economic violence: the adventure continues!

Initiated by Paola Vieira, the project to protect our clients from domestic economic violence was officially launched.

A reminder, what is economic violence?

Any act aimed at maintaining dependency or depriving financial resources constitutes domestic economic violence.

In particular, the aggressor may exercise economic violence by diverting the use of banking instruments.

What forms can violence take? 

For example, a spouse can usurp the identity of the other spouse in order to obtain consumer credit or to enter the client area of his spouse.

A spouse can also use an abusive way to use his or her other spouse’s credit card/credit card to oppose a loss when his or her spouse has not lost his or her credit card.

What measures help to prevent this violence?

There will be training for our advisors and certain employees, as well as an awareness of our clients’ rights and obligations within the couple.

Did you know that ?

According to the Spanish EcoVio project, 12% of Spanish women over 16 are victims of economic violence.

To learn more, discover the video interview of Paola Vieira, «10 seconds to», in which she presents us in more detail this beautiful project!

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