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Méleyne Rabot – Too Good To Go (English version) : For a world without food waste

22 Juin 2024
28min 29s

Every year, 2.5 billion tonnes are not consumed worldwide according to the WWF, or 40% of global food production… In France, ADEME informs us that 10 million tons of food ends up in the trash and that just in households, 30 kg of food per capita per year is thrown away… An alarming and unbearable scourge that must stop when we know that according to the United Nations, in 2022, 9.2% of the world’s population (more than 700 million) was not eating enough… 

On this subject, you have most certainly heard about the startup Too Good To Go whose mission is to stop food waste worldwide. Méleyne Rabot, General Manager France of Too Good To Go came to the microphone of On The Way to tell us about her very inspiring journey that combines passion for FoodTech, environmental awareness and commitment to save all these consumable foods

Indeed, the Too Good To Go application, co-founded by Lucie Basch in 2016, is positioned as a concrete response to this global food waste issue. With 85 million users in 17 countries, it allows everyone to buy food at a reduced price that would have ended up in the trash. Consumption deadline too close or exceeded, packaging damaged or non-compliant, etc are the reasons why they can no longer be marketed by restaurants, supermarkets and other local merchants. The strength of Too Good To Go is to allow these distributors to offer «surprise» baskets of products at low prices. For the consumer it is economic, fun and responsible.

In France, the creation of Too Good To Go is concomitant with the promulgation in 2016 of the Garot law. This law obliges supermarkets and catering companies to better manage their unsold items. It aims to reduce waste by promoting, among other things, food donations, a measure aligned with the mission of Too Good To Go. 

Today, to accomplish this mission, Too Good To Go takes an increasingly innovative approach. Beyond surprise baskets, the startup also offers its help to distributors to better manage their stocks and unsold. She works on changes in consumer behavior through educational programs such as « My AntiGAspi School » or raises awareness through the creation and affixing of the pictogram « observe-feel-taste ».

You have understood it, it is time to act and it is within everyone’s reach! So become a change agent and join Méleyne to reduce food waste. Get inspired by his testimony, download the application, shake up your habits, and be part of the solution!

Good listening! 

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