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Sophie Pappas – Understand our psychological needs to change our way to consume

22 Juin 2024
23min 17s

 At On The Way’s microphone this month, Sophie Pappas: psychologist and psychotherapist, guides and enlightens us on the sometimes abstract subject of psychology and shows us the link with sustainable consumption. Our guest deciphers what deep psychological needs are and how they impact our decisions and therefore our consumption. 

In one of our previous episode with Catherine Muller, we were already trying to understand why change is so complicated for the human brain. With Sophie, we invite you to continue this reflection and to get to know you a little more, as the 8 deep psychological needs are described. 

Indeed, many of us feel concerned about climate change and ecology. Yet, just as many of us are wondering how to contribute, on our scale, to the improvement of the situation and especially to know where to start? Well, there is no universal answer. Indeed, what Sophie explains in this episode is that, according to our fundamental psychological needs, the way to approach sustainable consumption changes according to individuals. 

But what are deep psychological needs? Conceptualized in the 70s by Taibi Khaler, using his «Process Communication» model, these 8 different deep psychological needs are present in each of us. Most importantly, we all have one or two deep psychological needs that are essential to our personality. Since they are essential, we must feed them positively in order to be motivated, dynamic, effective, … In short: feeling good in our head and comfortable in our shoes. 

However, many of us spend our lives without even knowing the existence of these deep psychological needs. And yet, they are essential to our functioning and understanding them can be the first step towards individual action, aiming in particular at more responsible consumption.  


Through this episode, discover the eight deep psychological needs of the Process Communication model and identify which ones suit you. Sophie guides us and illustrates these 8 concepts with concrete examples that will help you know your essential needs and especially identify how to approach sustainable consumption while taking into account each need… 


Welcome and good listening!  

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