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Benjamin Peri – Pyxo (English Version) : Stop to disposable packaging for take-away catering

05 July 2023
40min 48s

How many times have we thrown away packaging just seconds after eating the food it contained?


This is the reflection that Benjamin Peri made, in the summer of 2018, while jogging in the Tuileries Garden, in Paris, then struck by the astronomical amount of packaging used that truncated in the garbage at just a few different points of restoration. Faced with this problem, he decided to act by creating Pyxo.


Animated from an early age by an ecological conscience, Benjamin Peri first did a preparatory scientific class, then obtained his engineering degree. Over the years and his training, he developed the desire to undertake. It is therefore after various professional experiences and an ecological awakening linked also to the resignation of Nicolas Hulot from the government, that Benjamin decided to co-create Pyxo, a solution that supports the catering sector in its transition from disposable packaging to reusable packaging.


According to estimates by the Agence de la transition écologique (Ademe), take-away catering generates more than 220,000 tonnes of packaging each year in France, the majority of which is single-use plastic. This is precisely what Pyxo wants

remedy this situation by offering reusable packaging solutions to restaurants and consumers.


Throughout this episode of On The Way, Benjamin Peri explains the difficulties he encountered in the development of this project and in the democratization of packaging

reusable. He also tells us about his experience and the path he has taken to arrive, today, to collaborate with restaurant giants such as McDonald’s, Sushi Shop, or Sodexo to change the uses for more virtuous practices.


Very good listening!



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