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Luc Monvoisin – Kataba (English Version) : When Design meets Sustainability

06 September 2023
37min 19s

BNP Paribas Personal Finance is pleased to present the latest episode of On The Way, the podcast that gives voice to those who are taking action for more responsible consumption. This week, we invite you to dive into the world of sustainable industrial design with Luc Monvoisin, the visionary behind KATABA, an innovative greentech specializing in furniture and lighting.


Luc Monvoisin is not a traditional designer. Having completed his studies in industrial design, he quickly felt the need for a radical change, which he found by becoming a merchant marine engineer. This career led him to travel the world’s seas and witness the devastating effects of pollution. Something clicked: the overwhelming observation of the need to change our consumption habits to save our planet.

Bridging his initial training with his awakening passion for sustainability, Luc finally founded KATABA in 2017. While his first impetus was to adopt a local approach to minimizing the ecological footprint, a major revelation came from redefining the use of materials.


The result? A spectacular fourfold reduction in the carbon impact of its first line of office furniture. And, as you will discover during these 30 minutes, KATABA did not stop there…

In this captivating episode, Luc shares KATABA’s jou rney, from the challenges faced to the triumphs celebrated. More than just a design story, it is a reflection on the relationship of the French people with furniture and the consumption of the latter. How can choosing a sofa or a lamp have such a profound impact on our environment? Luc offers us a rich and enlightening perspective.


Do not miss this immersion in the world of eco-friendly design with Luc Monvoisin. The On The Way podcast is available on all your favorite listening platforms.


Get ready to be inspired!

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