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Maria Espinoll Arevalo – Lumon (English version) : the optimization of terraces for a sustainable home

24 October 2023
08min 01s

In this episode On The Way, Maria Espinoll Arevalo of the Lumon team, introduces us to an innovative solution that allowsthe transformation and optimization of terraces thanks to Lumon glass facades for a more sustainable home.


Explore how this innovation improves the energy efficiency of homes, creates living spaces that can be enjoyed year-round, and increases property value.

The positive environmental impact of the Lumon facilities is accompanied by a significant financial interest for individuals. Indeed, we note an average saving of 34% achieved in Spain among people who called on Lumon for the installation of glass facades.

Don’t miss this episode about Lumon’s philosophy and how their teams work daily to improve the lives of their customers. Be inspired by a company that strives to make our homes more sustainable and enjoyable.

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