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Nicolas Chabanne – C’est qui le patron (English version): the consumer led initiative that helps producers make a living from their work

01 November 2023
28min 11s

Discover the last episode of our podcast with Nicolas Chabanne, initiator of the “C’est qui le patron ?!

You may have seen this brand on the shelves of your supermarket, especially through its famous blue carton of milk, but do you know its history?

“C’est qui le patron ?!” was born from the desire to give consumers control over what they buy.

Nicolas shares his inspiring journey, from his roots in the south of France to the creation of a revolution in the food industry. He tells us how a simple discussion led to the birth of this famous blue carton of milk and how consumers have become players of change. Indeed, this product was developed following the specifications written by these committed consumers! A carton of milk based on solidarity that changed the game, paying justly the producers and becoming the most sold milk in France, without advertising or sales force.

But it’s not just the story of one man. It is a collective story of millions of engaged consumers who have chosen to take control of their purchases and have a positive impact on the environment, their health and society.

Today, “C’est qui le patron ?!” is 19 fair trade products created and sold in mass distribution, more than 3,000 producers supported throughout France and more than 13,000 members engaged in the adventure.

Sit back, immerse yourself in this inspiring story of consumers transforming the world, one carton of milk at a time; and find out how you too can get involved. Because, as Nicolas Chabanne reminds us, our bank card is like a ballot paper to make our voice heard: every purchase we make can have a positive impact on the world around us!

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